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Anonymous whispered: Life is so depressing most of the time... There are ao many reasons to be happy about I have had so so so much luck lately but I'm just not happy at all. I don't know what to do I feel so down most of the time and don't want to see any of my friends anymore either it is such a horrible feeling and sometimes I really wish it would all be over just to live in peace and I don't even know why I just can't explain it - I miss being normal, happy and myself.


im sorry i turned off anon so you won’t probably answer this but -

i dont think you should feel stressed or alarmed about not feeling happy even though you think you should be happy. we all have periods when we feel down and i think its should be considered just as important as having periods when you’re just happy. life is just strange sometimes. message me if you’d like to talk in private xx


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